COBRA Administration

Worry Free, Comprehensive Cobra Administration

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is a federal mandate for most employers that provides for the temporary continuation (usually 18 months) of group health coverage for employees and their covered spouses/dependents who have had their coverage terminated. The former employee must pay for the entire COBRA premium, which is generally less than insurance in the private individual market.

Complying with COBRA is a complex and tedious administrative function and many of the required steps are very time sensitive. Most employers, according to the IRS, have a hard time keeping in full compliance with COBRA. Sheridan Benefits can eliminate this burden for you with our COBRA services designed to:

  • Ensure that employers comply with all the necessary communications, legal notices, forms and filings
  • Collect premiums
  • Offer assistance to clients for enrollment, claims, etc.
  • Easy on-line client access
  • Complete and easy to understand COBRA monitoring reports for employers

Please contact Sheridan Benefits for information on COBRA.