Group Medicare Plans

Does your company have employees over the age of 65? With the aging of today's workforce, there is a pretty good chance it does. Often these 65+ employees are some of the most vauable and crucial members of your company. Group Medicare plans are a good way to reward and retain this key group of associates--especially since coverage can continue when they become retirees.

Group Medicare Advantage plans combine the benefits of original Medicare and Medicare supplements in a single plan. For many employers, Medicare Advantage plans provide more efficient coverage compared to original Medicare and a supplemental plan. Members remain in the Medicare program and continue to pay Medicare-applicable premium, however they receive their Medicare benefits through a private insurance company. These plans may include a Part D rider, eliminating the need for stand-alone prescription benefits.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D): If your company is looking to cover the rising cost of medicines, you may wish to offer Medicare Part D drug coverage for your older employees and retirees. We offer competitive premiums and several Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) options that allow us to tailor to the needs of your organization and your retirees. Plus plan members may get services to help them save money. Prescription drug coverage can be offered as part of a medical plan or as a freestanding plan.

Medicare Supplemental (MediGap) plans cover what Medicare does not. If your retirees and employees over 65 are happy with their original Medicare, you may offer them choices in additional coverage at relatively little cost with supplemental plans.

Let Sheridan Benefits show you how your company can provide Group Medicare plans for your retirees and employees over the 65.